Bought 50 feet of rope for my Halloween costume

Every year on my birthday I devote most of my day to remember Richard Brautigan,

As he died on the day of my birth

Scratch that, NYC oct 4th

Also, NYC on oct 7th. Couldn’t be more stoked !

"I’ve never really done this, smoking weed in the morning"
Lauren is a good bad influence



"Why Can’t I Touch It?" [1979]

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"No dream is ever just a dream"

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) dir. Stanley Kubrick

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Can I just do jail time for the stupid driving ticket I got?

It can be like a social experiment for me

This afternoon I’m going swimming at Mobys, then seeing my babes Benny The Jet Rodriguez.

What a good fucking Monday.


A young couple watching Slowdive

Photo By Ryan Bussard